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A designer never sleeps

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Being a designer means I really never rest from designing something. Whether I have worked all day designing a new solution for a client or getting a project off to the printer I always find time to design something for myself. I love landscaping so I have spent years crafting our yard as it serves as a welcome break from behind the computer. But even then I use the computer to design new landscaping lights for a local plasma cutter to produce for me. Or I build a one of a kind console table using elements from my grandfathers days as a carpenter. Or take an image of a window in the afternoon light to create a painterly image for our dining room. An yes, I have even done faux stain glass in our master bath. Those are just a few of the ways I continue as a designer. 

Client / 

Usually myself


Role / 

Designer, builder or landscaper


Agency / 

Home sweet home



Carpenter's console table:

So this is what happens when I have to clean out my parents home that they have lived in for over 65 years. My grandfather left a literal treasure chest of carpenter's tools, some close to 100 years old.

To a designer and craftsman, I immediately saw potential for a unique one of kind console table to create. And this is the result. A wonderful way to remember my grandfather who passed when I was very young.


Frank Lloyd Wright inspired windows:

Frank Lloyd Wright is probably one of the most well known designers in a century. His work has had a great influence on my personal design taste and desire to design everything around me as he did for his clients. These windows in our master bath are one of the many things I have done around our home.


Landscape lighting:

I created these landscape Bollard path lights for our front walk way and around our patio in the backyard. 

Design was inspired by something I found online that I could not afford. So I built my own with a little help from a fellow design friend.


Hermitage window:

A designer is always on the lookout for inspiration or a chance found piece of art. I took an image of this window as we left from visiting my parents at their nursing home. What was a simple chance of the moment captured on my iPhone has become a lasting image for me.

Had we left a bit earlier or a bit later this moment would have been missed. That's why I watch the world around me intently for moments like this to capture.

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